Graphene Flower Dispersion 100nm [GF10 IPA-D0N]

Graphene Flower Dispersion 100nm [GF10 IPA-D0N]

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We have commercialized a graphene flower dispersion (GF10IPA) in which fine graphene with a shape of 100 nm
and a thickness of 1 nm is dispersed in a solvent by controlling the shape of graphene flower ® that is directly
synthesized without a substrate and catalyst.

It is provided for research and development in the form of 2-propanol (IPA) dispersion. It can be used as a starting
material for medical treatment such as antivirus, biomaterials, biosensor materials, and graphene derivatives.


Thickness of graphene nm 1
Dimension of graphene nm 100
Carbon purity wt% 99.9
Graphene qty. mg/ml 0.01
Volume ml 100

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