SP EXZ  ( 26 x 17.5mm ,thickness 1.0mm) [K-3-3]

SP EXZ  ( 26 x 17.5mm ,thickness 1.0mm) [K-3-3]

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Item description

A hybrid material in which graphene XZ members with a thermal conductivity of 700 W / m.k in the thickness
direction are reinforced with a resin frame structure.
Grease is applied to the front and back of Graphene XZ, and a separator film is attached. Please peel off the
separator film before use.


Width mm 26 (Graphene part 20)
Length mm 17.5 (Graphene part 12 )
Thickness mm 1.0
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 700 (Thickness direction)
Bulk density g/cm3 2.2 (Graphene part)
Bending strength MPa 20

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