Graphite Plate XY 700W/m.k 1tmm [A1-1 SP-7]

Graphite Plate XY 700W/m.k 1tmm [A1-1 SP-7]

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Item description

A graphite plate with a thickness of 1 mm that is highly thermally conductive and electrically conductive. Since the surface
is not coated or pouched, it shows the surface properties of graphite, such as powder being generated when it is touched
by hand.

Bending strength is about 15MPa, which is more fragile than metal materials. Please use it in a state where a large bending
stress and shearing force are not applied.


Width mm 76
Length mm 127
Thickness mm 1
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 700
Bulk density g/cm3 2.2
Emissivity 0.98
Bending strength MPa 15